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Case In Point – Street Art by Andreas von Chrzanowski

Pin It Andreas von Chrzanowski is a street artist from East Germany. He is also one of the four members of the Maclaim Crew. The group is known for their photorealistic spray can art scattered throughout Germany. Andreas’ work usually involves animals, or people, or . He likes to take them out of context and […]

Paintings and Portraits by David Stooke

Pin It David Stooke calls himself the NewAgeTraveller on deviantART. Relocation had him busy for a while, when he came back, it was a pleasant surprise for him to find his 2500+ visits to his account.  He had been selected as one of the daily deviations, which increased the traffic to his account. The quality […]

Photorealistic Wax Pencil Drawings by Christina Empedocles

Pin It Christina Empedocles uses wax pencils to create these captivating drawings. Not that you’d take them to be drawings at first glance. Christina renders her subjects so flawlessly most people will take one look, declare it a photograph and scream “Faaake!” when told they’re actually drawings. Aside from being incredibly detailed, the play of […]