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The Face in the Mirror – Realistic Drawings by Heikki Leis

Pin It No one wants to be caught in an awkward moment but Heikki Leis has so vividly captured the inconsequential moments of our everyday lives in his series “Everyday Reflections“. In this revealing series, people are caught making themselves presentable for the day. The whole gamut of early morning hygienic practices run from the […]

Cutting Edge Digital Art by Michael Oswald

Pin It Canvas, oil paint, watercolor, paper, pen, and ink may never go out of style; but a new generation of artists raised in the digital age could certainly hold their own against the artists of old. Anybody with a PC can tinker with a digital image. On the other hand, digitally manipulating photos to […]

Delicious Photographs by Alena Nikiforova

Pin It Milk, juice, and water are just some of the liquids that talented photographer Alena Nikiforova uses on her female subjects. These sensually daring photos are just some of many in her impressive portfolio. I love the way she captures the splash of the liquid on her subject’s bodies, as well as the innovative […]

Iconic Pictures in Full Color by Sanna Dullaway

Pin It It may be difficult for today’s generation to imagine a world where all the photographs are in black and white, but until recently, this was so. Freelance artist Sanna Dullaway went out of her way to fix that. She took iconic photos in black and white and with the help of digital technology, […]

Zander Olsen’s Tree Line

Pin It Zander Olsen is a Welsh-born artist whose commissioned photography has been widely published in the national press. He was also shortlisted for the prestigious Terry O’Neill Award last 2009. His ongoing project is the “Tree Line”. This eye-catching collection of photographs involve ‘wrapping’ white material around trees to create a startling, yet pleasing […]

Nature Photography by Lars Van De Goor

Pin It Lars van de Goor is a Dutch-born artist who entered the world of photography a mere 5 years ago in 2007. Born in 1964 right smack in the middle of nature, it’s no wonder he takes great pains to showcase the beauty and wonder of nature in his photographs. Lars van de Goor […]

Happy Feet Go Around The World

Pin It Nothing else saves beautiful memories like photos. Tom Robinson thought of the idea to freeze the moments he traveled with his girlfriend using photos of their feet. Every place had a story to tell, and two sets of feet weren’t enough to finish it.

Breath by Tomohide Ikeya

Pin It Tomohide Ikeya is a Japanese photographer. His photos impress by the feeling they express. His project “Breath” created in 2009 has been awarded many times.