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A Closer Look at a World Unseen with Macrophotography

Pin It Simply put, macrophotography is the art of taking a close-up picture of very small objects. Although any object will do, the usual subjects are usually insects, flowers, and water droplets since they give the best results. Photography at this scale has its own difficulties. A steady hand and a great lens aren’t the […]

Teresa Elliot’s Paintings of the West

Pin It At first glance, you’d think it was a picture of three boys playing in the mud. As a matter of fact, it’s one of  Teresa Elliot’s ultra-realistic paintings.  Teresa Elliot was born and raised in Texas, USA and most of her other paintings reflect a certain western flavor. Texas longhorns in particular, are […]

Delicious Photographs by Alena Nikiforova

Pin It Milk, juice, and water are just some of the liquids that talented photographer Alena Nikiforova uses on her female subjects. These sensually daring photos are just some of many in her impressive portfolio. I love the way she captures the splash of the liquid on her subject’s bodies, as well as the innovative […]

Sacha Goldberger’s Before and After

Pin It No one wants to have bad pictures of themselves taken, but French artist Sacha Goldberger did just that. He managed to convince passers-by to pose for a picture after taking a full-out sprint ’round the corner. He also asked them to drop by his studio after a week wearing their Sunday best. In […]

Lyubomir Sergeev’s Mind-Blowing Photographs

Pin It At first glance, the incongruity of the subjects in Lyubomir Sergeev’s work will elicit a smile. The thing is, the longer you look at his work, the more you understand the actual depth and meaning behind it. Each detail of this Bulgarian artist’s work is carefully thought out, making the digitally enhanced images […]

Face Photomosaics – MosaicYourself

Pin It MosaicYourself – Be part of the picture MosaicYourself makes photomosaics from the faces found in your picture library using facial recognition. So the tiles of the resulting mosaic are the faces of the people on your pictures!! Isn’t that amazing? Visit us at www.MosaicYourself.com. Visit our image gallery at www.MosaicYourself.com/image-gallery.