Poland Archive

Awesomely Accurate Celebrity Portraits by Piotr Lesniak

Pin It Piotr Lesniak is the artist behind these awesome celebrity portraits. What’s unique about his work is that he doesn’t focus solely on Hollywood celebrities. Also, his portraits have a distinctly woodcut feel about them, and yet each one is utterly recognizable. Among the celebrities whose likeness he has captured are: Jude Law, Jeremy […]

Awesome Realistic 3D Characters by Pawel Rebisz

Pin It Pawel Rebisz is a web designer, illustrator, and digital artist who specializes in 3D rendering. What makes him stand out from the mainstream crowd is the amazing amount of detail he puts into each and everyone of his characters. Zoom in close and you’ll see the character’s wrinkles, freckles,  and even individual pores. […]

Sweet Street Art by Natalia Rak

Pin It Natalia Rak is a street artist whose ‘territory’ covers most of her native Poland. Her work is mostly large-scare and covers entire walls of buildings. Natalia is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and has been a painter before she became a street artist. One of her most famous […]

Iconic Urban Portraits by Maja Wronska

Pin It Maja Wrońska is a Polishb artist and architect who has painted an amazing series of watercolors featuring famous landmarks from around the world. She has quite an impressive following on devianART  where she uses the handle ‘takmaj’. First, she sketches her work with a pencil before proceeding to fill in the details in […]

A Sight for Sore Eyes – Street Art by Przemek Blejzyk

Pin It Lodz, a street artist from Poland, has managed to hide his personal information from admirers and authorities extremely well. Except for his name, that is. Przemek Blejzyk’s work is scattered all through out Poland. I’m quite sure the owners of the buildings don’t mind having their walls decorated with this sort of artwork. […]

Skin Art – 3D Tattoos by Victor Portugal

Pin It Victor Portugal is a Poland-based tattoo artist who is renowned for his dark and surreal approach to tattoo design. Born in Uruguay, he lived in Spain for some years before settling down in Krakow, Poland where he operates his own tattoo studio, Dark Times Tattoo. Its one thing to create a design on […]

Rubbish Photography – Project 365 Days.

Pin It “Hello! My name is Paul and I live in Poland. I am Photographing still life, just rubbish. The link that I gave, there are a few projects on this topic. I hope that one day someone will appreciate the beauty of still life that surrounds people.” – Pablo Charnas

Fun Insects by Mateusz Szulik

Pin It Mateusz is an amazing artist from Poland. His illustrations and paintings have beautiful detailing that gives a perfect depth to make it look so real. Check out his alphabet!

Photorealistic 3D CGI from Finishizer

Pin It FINISHIZER was brought to life to create photorealistic 3D CGI. Their works are static, hi-resolution images, characterized by great eye on detail and equal to professional photography in terms of quality. The studio is based in Warsaw, Poland but they cooperate also with German and Italian clients.