San Francisco Archive

Where the Wild Things Are and Other Illustrations by Isaac Orloff

Pin It Isaac Orloff is a freelance illustrator who works primarily animation. He’s a rather well-sought after visual development artist in San Francisco. Aside from illustration, Isaac also loves doing a bit of T-shirt design. The untold story in each of images is what makes his work stand out. A cluttered hallway, a boy-turned-wild-thing roasting […]

Enroachment – Aerial Photographs by Michael Light

Pin It Michael Light is an aerial photographer currently based in San Francisco. He focuses on the relationship between contemporary American culture and the environment. Michael uses large format cameras to take breathtaking photos of landscapes as he flies over them. The bird’s-eye-view perspective of his shots highlight how urban expansion is forever changing the […]

Before They Were Heroes – Poster Art by Khoa Ho

Pin It Khoa Ho is a California-based artist whose recent series of posters feature the origin of all our favorite comic book heroes. He said: “In this poster series I took a dive into the origins of these individuals and who they were before they became superheroes to remind us that despite the trials of […]

Delicate Balance – Rock Sculptures by Bill Dan

Pin It Balancing rocks is something we do as bored kids. Bill Dan has turned this child’s pastime into art. Seemingly impossible art. Bill is a rock balancing artist whose primary medium is stone riprap found in the coastlines of his hometown in San Fransisco. His sculptures consist of rocks balanced on top of each […]

Oldschool Tintype Portraits by Michael Shindler

Pin It Valencia street in San Francisco is home to Photobooth, the world’s last remaining tintype portrait studio. Michael Shindler, the owner and operator of Photobooth, spent six years studying the Wet-Plate Collodion process. This is commonly called tintype since the image can be produced on black metal or glass. Tintype was first introduced in […]

The Streets of San Francisco by Dan Ng

Pin It “What would San Francisco be without its steep hills? Well for one, if would be much easier to walk around and without much effort. It would be easier to park a car and not have to curb the wheels. We would not have runaway vehicles and tennis balls. On the other hand, we […]

Body Painting by Lennette Newell

Pin It Famous San Francisco photographer Lannette Newell created a daring exhibition called “Anti-Human” in which she featured body painted models with animals. The result is awesome and bizarre.

Toothpicks are amazing!

Pin It Pin It “Rolling Through the Bay” is a sculpture made of toothpicks created by Scott Weaver. He lives at San Francisco and the sculpture was inspired by his city. Check out what it is possible to do with this unusual material !

Celebrity Trash Art by Jason Mecier

Pin It Jason Mecier, a San Francisco-based artist creates portraits of celebs using everything from bits of discarded jewellery to empty deodorant cans and bubble-gum wrappers. He has spent 15 years carefully collecting rubbish and using it for his masterful modern artwork. Artist Jason Mecier says that many celebrities have bought the work they inspired. […]