Equine Pursuits – Fabulous Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran-Webb

By on March 6, 2014, in Sculpture

James Doran-Webb is the artist behind these amazingly life-like horse sculptures. Each horse is made up of roughly four hundred separate pieces of painstakingly collected driftwood, weighs around five hundred kilos, and has a stainless steel frame which enables it to support up to five persons on its back. They also have a moveable neck and limbs which allows the artist to position them in life-like poses. The sculptures were commissioned to herald the coming of the Year of the Wooden Horse in Singapore. Originally from Birmingham, James is currently based in Cebu City, Philippines where he has set up a company which makes and designs export-quality wooden objects. James is also an environmentalist and for each kilo of driftwood that he buys from the locals, he plants a seedling in the denuded hills of Cebu.

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Fun and Interactive Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

By on February 5, 2014, in Concept Art

Ernest Zacharevic is a street artist whose photo-based murals have been cropping up all over Europe, Malaysia, and Singapore. Most, if not all, of his work is site-specific. The first thing he does when making a new piece is to take lots of photographs of the place before choosing the angles with which to paint his subject. He said: “Working with children allows more anonymity, I don’t consider my artworks to be portraits of a specific person, rather a universal experience.” His subjects can be seen interacting with real objects like bikes, motorcycles, chairs, shopping carts, and even roofs.

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Awww-Inducing Spiders Shot by Nicky Bay

By on October 26, 2013, in Photography

Nicky Bay can be described as a arachnoid-macrophotographer. He specializes in extreme close-ups of just about every spider he can find. Who would have ever thought spiders actually looked cute up close? Well, maybe except for the Bird Dung Spider, and that horned thing down there that looks like an alien larva. That being said. the next time, instead of reaching for a rolled-up newspaper at the sight of one, I’ll reach for my camera. Nicky currently lives and works in Singapore.

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Concrete Jungle Symmetry – Photographic Series by Jared Lim

By on July 21, 2013, in Photography

Jared Lim is a Singapore-based photographer whose series “Urban Exploration” highlights the beauty of  architectural symmetry. The series focuses on the multitude of fascinating patterns found in urban architecture. He said: “I have always loved geometry, lines, curves, pattern and abstract designs. Architecture seems like a great way to express them. My added advantage of traveling to most major cities for my work gives me great opportunities. Urban Exploration comprise of my cities shots in colors, monochrome and street photography.​ Beyond that, I have great interest in other categories of Travel photography. I am passionate about traveling and photography not only allows me to express myself artistically but also to document my journey.”
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3D Critters – Paintings by Keng Lye

By on June 5, 2013, in Paintings

Keng Lye is a Singapore-based artist who produces one-of-a-kind three-dimensional sculptures using acrylics and epoxy resin. The technique he uses was actually pioneered by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. The realistic image is produced by pouring resin into a bowl and then painting on top of it layer by layer. HE said: “I started on the octopus and it was purely an experiment; I just wanted to see whether I could push this technique to a higher level. ”

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Crystal Jam by Sookoon Ang

By on April 10, 2013, in Sculpture

For reasons known only to herself, Singaporean artist calls this series: “Your Love Is Like A Chunk of Gold”. She has somehow managed to turn an ordinary, everyday object into something alien. The sculptures are still recognizably pieces of bread, but the multicolored crystal growths on them will make anyone look twice. The second look will probably turn into a long, hard stare while the viewer figures out how gems, or possibly Kryptonite, could be made to grow on bread.  Sookon describes herself as a ‘teen slacker with delusions of grandeur’. According to her, art took away the slack and augmented the delusions.

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Shooting Strangers in the Rain – Photographs by Danny Santos

By on April 9, 2013, in Photography

Danny Santos moved to Singapore in 2008 and he has been shooting random strangers (with a camera) in Orchard street ever since. He has been a web & graphic design profession for 10 years. On the weekends, he takes long walks along Orchard street and clicks away at anyone interesting. He’s aiming to ‘create an overall image of the beauty and energy of Orchard Road through the different characters and scenarios found in this busy street’. Street photography such as Danny is does, is challenging. He said: “Nothing cooperates with you.. not the weather, not the subjects, not the situation. You have to make do with what’s available…But on few occasions when all the elements just come together, and you’re at the right place at the right time, the feeling of ‘getting that perfect shot’ just doesn’t compare to anything else.”

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The Weight On One’s Shoulders – Pentateuque by Fabien Merelle

By on April 7, 2013, in Sculpture

Fabien Merelle graduated from the Beaux-Arts. He is also a former resident of the prestigious Casa Vélasquez in Madrid. ‘Pentateuque’ is part of the 2013 Art Stage Singapore exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands. It’s a lighthearted attempt to translate the maxim ‘to have the weight on one’s shoulders’ into a sculpture. Fabien loves using whimsy, humor, and storytelling to direct the spirit of his pieces. The man in pajamas found in most of Fabien’s  work is actually a sort of self-portrait. a man who lives in his dreams out to wear appropriate garb after all.

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The Force – Illustrations by Darren Tan

By on April 2, 2013, in Illustrations

Darren Tan is the real person behind the tongue-tangling handle Wraithdt. He is one of the artists at Imaginary Friends Studios who did the visually stunning illustrations for the new Star Wars Essential Reader’s Companion. It’s not that hard to guess that Wraithdt is a Star Wars fan himself. You’d have to be to pay attention to all the little details in the uniforms, the fight scenes, and the characters themselves. Darren lives and makes his art in Singapore.

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A Flower’s Soul by Brendan Fitzpatrick

By on April 13, 2012, in Photography

Brendan Fitzpatrick is a Singapore-based photographer who has twenty ears’ experience under his belt. He wanted to become a science fiction illustrator in his teens but got drawn towards photography. He loves both its stillness and its dynamism. Brendan admits that there are moments when he is surprised by images he has taken that are even better than those he sought. In his unique series “Floral X-Rays”, he experimented with the digital X-rays of flowers before editing and color correcting the final prints. He also does magnificent landscape portraits. His other series include “Clean Cut” and “Ice”.

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