A Closer Look at Snowflakes – DIY Macrophotography by Alexey Kljatov

By on December 14, 2013, in Photography

Macrophotography isn’t for everyone. It requires specific lenses and other specialized equipment to get it right. Alexey Kljatov, on the other hand, created his own rig using nothing more than old cameras, screws, scrap wood, and tape. His DIY equipment worked surprisingly well, capturing astoundingly detailed shots of individual snowflakes. The finished rig looks a bit bulky and not at all streamlined, but it does its job perfectly. With it, Alexey managed to capture the extraordinary shapes and patterns found in snowflakes. The snowflake ‘designs’ are the result of many factors such as temperature, humidity, and location. Only in Alexey’s work have I seen three-dimensional snowflakes. I’ve always thought they were flat, hexagonal discs of frozen water. I sure hope he  keeps up the great work.

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Lightweight Dinosaur – Balloon Sculpture by Airigami

By on June 7, 2013, in Sculpture

The lobby of the Virginia Museum of Natural History sports a rather adorable meat-eating dinosaur. Said dinosaur is a balloon replica of an Acrocanthosaurus. It’s a study in contrast to the actual skeleton of the dinosaur standing right next to it. The sculpture was put together by Airigami, a New York based art studio specializing in gigantic balloon sculptures. The core team was headed by Larry Moss and composed of Marsh Gallagher, TJ Michael, Phil Cosmos and Dee Cosmos. It took the artists of Airigami four days to complete the 20-foot structure. They also had the help of the museum staff and a gaggle of delighted elementary students. The sculpture will stay in the museum lobby for as long as it lasts.

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Literally The Ice Kingdom Of China

By on February 23, 2012, in Architecture

Want to walk through more than just snow? Enjoy going around these castles made with blocks of ice as the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival invites you to this beautiful wonder of Harbin, Heilongjiang province in northeastern China. Your eyes will definitely feast on the illuminated ice structures as the night passes on, and you will surely not regret to have visited this place to spend your vacation in. Exhibit starts January 5th, then lasting for about a month or more.
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