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Frighteningly Good Works by Anton Semenov

Russian digital artist Anton Semenov is one of those artists that creates haunting, yet beautiful and well-crafted images. Employing dark colors, some morbid references, and terrifying illustrations,  Anton presents works of art that are full of emotion. Anton currently works as an artist for an advertising agency which focuses on vehicle designs and illuminated signs. He started […]

Jacub Gagnon Takes Animals to Unfamiliar Territory

Considered one of Toronto’s emerging contemporary artists, Jacub Gagnon presents nature in an unusual habitat and form that creates a beautifully sweet yet disturbing image. Jacub presents a picture of how man manipulates nature and how nature tends to adapt, if it can. Jacub creates his images primarily with animals in the most bizarre way possible […]

Surrealistic Self Portraits by Manu Pombrol

Pin It Manu Pombrolis a Spanish artist who, until very recently, didn’t even have a digital camera. Artistically inclined, as a young boy he worked with pastels and oil paints. He then moved on to computer graphics and just three years after he dipped his toe into the waters of photography, there’s no stopping him. […]

Dark-Surrealistic Paintings by Davide Martini (Hero-Parasite)

Pin It Hero-parasite (Davide Martini) was born in a remote Italian province, always nurtured a passion for art and aesthetics. At first, the passion for hip hop culture and graffiti and then begin to have confidence in the self-taught airbrush, producing customized for each media type: cars, bikes, helmets, mobile phones, clothes and everything. Graduated […]