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A Glimpse Into the Imagination of Begemott

Pin It Alx a.k.a. Begemott, is a New York-based artist whose work speaks of an imagination both broad in scope and depth. His art is at times wistful, childish, morbid, or playful. His work “Sweet Halloween Dreams” has recently come to the attention of Hollywood and a film loosely based on his work is already […]

An Impossible Rose – Floral Photos by Eddy L

Pin It Eddy L. strives to┬ácapture the beauty that most people ignore. To some, a rose may just be a thorny bush, but to him, it’s a repository of beauty. He loves taking long walks and she never goes anywhere without his camera. Who knows what magical moment he might capture on those rambling walks? […]

Surprising Books by Robert The

Pin It Robert The was born and is currently living in New York. He studied philosophy and mathematics. His very special books have been showed in many exhibitions, most of them were in the US.