Mezmerizing Glass Installations by Suzan Drummen

By on September 22, 2013, in Design

Suzan Drummen is a Dutch artist who specializes in colorful, large-scale installations incorporating circular patterns vaguely resembling fractals.
All of the objects in her installations are carefully laid out by hand and are not in any way fixed to the floor. The slightest nudge has the potential to destroy the whole display. What’s even more amazing is that she doesn’t even enclose her intricately laid out installations in some sort of barrier. Suzan uses a variety of objects in her work, all of them shiny, sparkly, and colorful. The list of objects include, mirrors, chromed metal, crystals, rhinestones, optical glass, and even precious stones. Suzan currently lives and works in the Netherlands.
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Everybody Loves A Lover – Paintings by David Renshaw

By on August 30, 2013, in Paintings

David Renshaw is a British artist who love to paint with vibrant acrylics. As a child, his father taught him some of the basics of drawing and from then on, he dreamed of one day becoming an artist. He studied graphic design and worked his way up from being a picture framer in a local art gallery. It was only in 2005 that he decided to go into full-time painting. He said: “I always try to make my work feel atmospheric, and I like to pay particular attention to sky and cloud formations as I consider this element of my work to be extremely important to the mood of the finished painting, whether it be a dramatic sunset or a misty moonlit night.”

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Half Tilt-ed Hotel Room

By on April 15, 2012, in Interior Design

Au Vieux Panier is a French hotel that annually sets aside five rooms to be re-conceptualized by artists and designers. One of the artists they commissioned is the internationally acclaimed graffiti artist Tilt. Entitled “Panic Room” half the hotel room is clean, white, and spotless while the other half is crammed full of layers of loud graffiti. The demarcation between the pristine and the painted is so sharp, you’d think it was Photoshopped. For this work of art, Tilt asked two of his friends Tober, Grizz, and Don Cho. Tilt travels the world spreading the gospel of art through graffiti. He’s been to the U.K., Singapore, and the Philippines.

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Vibrant Landscapes by Phan Thu Trang

By on February 11, 2012, in Paintings

Phan Thu Trang is an emerging young artist from who paints under the impression of the cities and Northern villages from Vietnam. Her thick textural impasto is so vibrant in red, orange, yellow, and blue, it makes a whole new landscape genre. One that is full of color, emotion, simplicity and joy of life and reminds us of the nature’s blessing and beauty.
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