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Hell’s Gate – Awesome Volcano Photography by Liudmila and Andrey

Pin It Plosky Tolbachik is an active volcano located in the eastern edge of Russia. A pair of thrill-seeking photographers, Andrey and Liudmila, braved the dangers of an active volcano and barely got away with these sensational pictures. They were calmly standing a safe distance away from the active lava flow when tragedy struck:  “at […]

Fire and Ice – Photographs by Andre Ermolaev

Pin It A glance at these photos and you’ll be screaming FAAAKE! Well, just because they look impossible, doesn’t mean they’re Photoshopped. These are actually nothing more than aerial photos of rivers flowing through beds of volcanic ash with a couple of volcanic craters thrown in. Photographer Andre Ermolaev has made it his life’s work […]