Beauty is Only Skin Deep – Fashion Photography by Lucia Giacani

By on November 1, 2013, in Photography

Lucia Giacani is an Italian photographer who has made quite a mark in fashion photography. One of her most recent series, aptly titled “Under My Skin”, features models posing alongside skinned replicas of animals. The photos were featured in Vogue Italia. Lucia was born in Jesi, Italy but grew up in Rome. She graduated from the prestigious Advanced Institute for the Artistic Industries where her photographic exploits won her numerous accolades and awards. She currently lives and works in Milan, Italy.

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Love’s Embrace – Photographic Series by Andy Barter

By on September 24, 2013, in Photography

Andy Barter hails from Bowerchalke, England. He is currently based in London where he lives with his partner Laverne Antrobus and their three children. His photographs can be found in loads of prestigious publications. His work have also been featured in numerous awards like Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, Benson & Hedges Photographic Awards, Paris Art Directors Club, and the D&AD. One of his more recent series is “Kiss” which, predictably, features two people kissing. the subjects of his photos are a man and a woman, with every possible combination in between. The photos were taken either from the top or from the bottom angle, highlighting the subject’s locked lips.

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Scrumptious Art by Hong Yi

By on May 26, 2013, in Concept Art

Hong Yi’s previous work was a portrait made up of socks hanging from bamboo poles as well as a coffee cup-stained canvas portrait. She calls her latest body of work ‘creativity with food’. According to her, the series has helped her push the limits of her creativity by forcing her to churn out new designs every day. It has taught her to not be too serious about what she does, but also to pay attention to detail and to work within the confines of a very small area. “I keep a sketchbook with me where I jot down every idea that comes to mind. I shoot all photos with natural lighting, around 4-5PM when the light’s really nice and soft…this means I need to have my idea ready by around 3PM, so I’m usually rushing up on work like a mad woman in the afternoon.” Hong Yi admitted.

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Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer

By on March 26, 2013, in Photography

Emmy Lou Virginia is a Vancouver-based natural light photographer, who specializes in lifestyle photography.  She loves to capture the euphoria of girls caught in a sunset, the joy of a father tossing his child in the air and catching him again, the way people in love look at each other, and how hands fit together.

She loves to tell stories with her photography, and would love to photograph your story!  You can contact her on her website or facebook page. Click here for more »

Doing It All – Photographs by Olga Valeska

By on December 31, 2012, in Photography

Olga Valeska is artist and subject all rolled into one. She uses a self-timer to take portraits of herself. She actually majors in literature but you wouldn’t know that based on her work. Olga started fiddling with a camera just over a year ago. Photography allows her to combine the things she loves, such as painting, sculpting, drawing, and making costumes. According to her, she uses her loneliness to create. Olga does her own make-up, scenery, and costumes. She is a one-woman-studio.

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Female Digital Paintings by Marta Nael

By on April 28, 2012, in Paintings

Illustrator and matte painter Marta Nael creates fictional characters with a surreal touch and painting feel, complemented with the expression perfect for a template of an art exhibit of a fantasy game or movie. The women in her artworks show her passion in matte painting and concept art, beautiful and captivating as it is.
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