Incredible Photo Realistic Painters

Photorealism is the genre of painting based on using photographs to gather information and then from this information, creating a painting that appears to be very realistic like a photograph. Here are a few artists whose work embody that definition.

Andrew Grassie
Andrew Grassie (born 1966) is a Scottish artist. He was educated at St Martins School of Art and the Royal College of Art. His paintings have been praised for being “disorienting” and “melancholy”, and criticised for consisting of “bureaucratic ironies”. His works are held in the collection of the Tate and the United Kingdom Government Art Collection. He lectures at City and Guilds of London Art School.

Luigi Benedicenti
The work of Benedicenti is deeply rooted in the still-life tradition that sprouted in Europe in the late XVI century, embodied by such masters as Bosschaert the Elder and Bruegel the Elder, whose accurately descriptive paintings were often employed for scientific purposes. Notwithstanding Luigi Benedicenti has a strong independent personality which cannot be fully explained through the prism of his precursors. After having deeply meditated on their works, absorbed the symbolic value, Luigi moved away from this genre. He came up with a completely new style, what the critic Claudio Malberti defined as ‘Realismo Estremo’ or ‘Extreme Realism’. Benedicenti replaces the fish and meat that used to decorate the dining rooms of the leisure class with contemporary Italian patisserie, ice cream and classy drinks.

Jeffrey T. Larson
Jeffrey T. Larson was born in 1962 in Two Harbors, Minnesota and grew up in the Twin Cities. Jeffrey has been trained in the manner of the Old Masters at the prestigious Atelier Lack, a studio /school whose traditions and training methods reach back through impressionism and the 19th centuries French academies. He followed his four-year formal training with museum study in the United States and abroad.

Mike Bayne
Mike Bayne attended Queen’s University and received a BAH and BFA in 2001. In 2004, he received an MFA from Concordia University. He has had several solo exhibitions with Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects in Toronto and has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Chicago, New York, Vancouver, and Toronto. He was featured in the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art’s group exhibition Magenta Publishing Carte Blanche, in 2008, and was featured in a 2009 issue of Border Crossings magazine. His most recent exhibition is 2010’s Oil Paintings by Robert Ayre, a joint presentation of Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects in Toronto and Mulherin/Pollard Projects in New York.

Tom Martin
Tom Martin is a 24 year old hyperrealist painter from the UK.

Nathan Walsh
Nathan Walsh was born in Lincoln in 1972. He studied at the Liverpool School of Art before completing his Masters Degree at the University of Hull.
Dealing exclusively with the urban landscape, Walsh’s work is a complex construction that draws on many influences, including American Precisionism, the aesthetics of place and the importance of the history of art. His work is an expression of often highly personal experiences of particular times and specific places. The quality of the works lies not only in their great technical skill but in Walsh’s ability to universalise his experiences to give them wider resonance.

Doug Bloodworth
Influenced by a rural upbringing, Sunday funnies, Saturday morning cartoons, B.B. guns, cowboys and Indians, dinosaurs and a little warping at a young age from Mad Magazine, Bloodworth’s art bounces back and forth from Western to Pop art, with a little of what he has seen around him thrown in. At least a couple of his paintings are both western and Pop.