Flash of Genius – Images by Francisco Negroni

On any other website, Francisco Negroni’s images would be considered blatant fakes. They have most of the elements found on the cover of a death metal album. Lightning : check. Fire : check. Angry volcano spewing smoke and/or brimstone: check. All that’s missing is blood and a couple of human skulls.

Yet, Francisco’s mind-blowing images are mostly taken from the volcano-rich areas of Chile. A native of Chile himself, he loves documenting the wildlife and landscapes of his country. Normal Chileans run away from active volcanoes. Francisco, on the other, packs up his gear and organizes a photographic safari.

Francisco studied photography at the INCACEA Institute Viña del Mar, majoring in Advertising Photography. He also studied a bit of Adventure Tourism. Early in his career, his work was published in different local papers like the El Mercurio, La Tercera, Lun, Diario El Sur, and Diario Austral. These days, his clients include National Geographic, Reuters, AFP, GlobalPost, Terra, and Agenciauno. Later on, he established South Press Agency, a photography blog that serves to showcase his work in all its lightning-filled glory.

Negroni utilizes a Nikon D600 to capture his awe-inspiring images. He dedicates his work to his son Diego Negroni. He currently lives and works in Chile.












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