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The Beauty Within – Portraits by Henry Leutwyler

Pin It “This is the only thing I like to do and why I wake up in the morning.” said Henry Leutwyler, photographer of the stars. He was born in Switzerland in 1961. He moved to France to become an apprentice to Gilles Tapie, a distinguished photographer. After firmly establishing himself as a talented editorial […]

A Flood of Knowledge – Installations by Alicia Martin

Pin It Alicia Martinis an up-and-coming Spanish artist whose book-based installations are becoming more and more popular in the web. One of her more recent works feature a cascade of books coming out of a second-story window and almost, but not quite, flooding the ground outside. Other works include: a giant book doughnut, books trying […]

Butterflies on Books by Rose Sanderson

Pin It Rose Sanderson has always been interested with insects far back as she can remember. As an artist, her interest in all things small and delicate shows in her work. She has incorporated dragonflies, beetles, and even baby mice on old book covers. Her latest series features various colorful representatives from the order Lepidoptera.