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Bursting Bubbles, Visible Sound, Ferrofluids – Photographs by Fabian Oefner

Pin It Fabian Oefneris something of an anomaly. He has managed to combine art with science, and make the result look spectacular. All of his work demonstrates a sound scientific principle behind it. His subjects include: bursting soap bubbles, colored salt, bursting balloons, and ferrofluids. All of them expertly captured using high speed flash photography, […]

Bursting Balloons Captured by Edward Horsford

Pin It Capturing a great shot is enough for most photographers, but Edward Horsford ups the ante by making his own sound trigger. His series of photos featuring bursting balloons was taken using his trusty SLR camera, strobe lights, a rusty stick (for popping the balloons), and a sound trigger he made himself. He studied […]